advancing the kingdom

Kingdom Reality in an Earthly Realm

Recorded Sunday 10-14-18 Why we Behave the way we Believe Mission: To be a love-centered community offering the hope of Jesus Christ Vision: To relentlessly love people and passionately advance the kingdom of God.

-Lead Pastor Nick Honerkamp

Series: Join the Journey (Part 2)

Kingdom - We sacrificially serve and resource our local community and the global Church. (How much can we give in order to benefit the global church?)

  1. The usage of “kingdom” in the Bible

  2. The New Testament and a new message

  3. Jesus begins his ministry

  4. Jesus teaches on the Kingdom

  5. Jesus instructs his disciples to preach the Kingdom of God

  6. Jesus’ primary message after his resurrection is the Kingdom of God

  7. Paul preached for three months about the Kingdom

  8. The Kingdom of God is a witness to all nations