And Nothing Will Be Impossible With Them

Recorded Sunday 11-4-18 Mission: To be a love-centered community offering the hope of Jesus Christ Vision: To relentlessly love people and passionately advance the kingdom of God Kingdom - We sacrificially serve and resource our local community and the global Church. Spirit-led - We pray and expect the supernatural guidance and work of Holy Spirit.

-Lead Pastor Nick Honerkamp


Unity - We focus on what we have in common: staying in relationship is paramount.

  1. Unity is a MEASURE of personal MATURITY

  2. Unity focuses on RELATIONSHIP, not on being RIGHT

  3. Unity is a BUCKET for Divine BLESSING

House of Honor

Recorded Sunday 10-28-18 Why we Behave the way we Believe.

-Lead Pastor Nick Honerkamp


Honor - We celebrate the diversity and value of every person.

We want to be amazing at CELEBRATING people and their uniqueness.

Honor is not just “feeling” respect. It is outwardly displayed.

  1. Honor is a CORPORATE Kingdom principle

  2. Honor celebrates each person’s UNIQUENESS

  3. Honor has PERSONAL benefits

Living In Community

Recorded Sunday 2-25-18 We will look at one of the topics that was and remains close to the heart of God. It is the secret to accomplishing great things and living in the pathway of blessing and peace. For the church, it is essential to be a witness of love for God and love for one another.

Pastor Greg Kennedy

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