House of Honor

Recorded Sunday 10-28-18 Why we Behave the way we Believe.

-Lead Pastor Nick Honerkamp


Honor - We celebrate the diversity and value of every person.

We want to be amazing at CELEBRATING people and their uniqueness.

Honor is not just “feeling” respect. It is outwardly displayed.

  1. Honor is a CORPORATE Kingdom principle

  2. Honor celebrates each person’s UNIQUENESS

  3. Honor has PERSONAL benefits

Family: The Original Group

Recorded Sunday 9-30-18 Healthy things grow and people are not any different. Some growth can happen independently, by ourselves. But, God created us for community and the best way to grow is to belong to a group of people that love you, as you, and receive your unique contribution to the world with joy.

-Lead Pastor Nick Honerkamp and Pastor Amy Cherbony

The Trinity is a model for the family (the original group):

A. God the Father - Parents are a representation of God

B.  God the Son - Parents are the primary disciplers of their children.

C. God the Holy Spirit - Parents release their children