The Gospel

The Roman Road

The Roman Road (Share the Journey Series - Part Two)

-Lead Pastor Nick Honerkamp

A. All believers are commanded to share our faith.

B. We all have a personal responsibility to share our faith.

C. Most people don’t share their faith because:

  1. Fear of man/being rejected

  2. Lack of knowledge of how to

  3. Lack of awareness of opportunities

D. Today, we will give you a Biblical path to salvation called the Roman Road:

  1. Romans 3:23

  2. Romans 6:23

  3. Romans 5:8

  4. Romans 10:9-10

E. The WORD of God has power.

  1. The Root (PROBLEM)

  2. The Result (DEATH)

  3. The Redemption (SALVATION)

  4. Our Response (REPENTANCE)