Royal Blood

Royal Blood (Share the Journey Series - Part Six)
-Lead Pastor Nick Honerkamp

The life is in the blood. Blood had to be shed to cover sin. Any other blood makes you defiled; His blood makes you redeemed.

  1. Royal blood was SHED for our Salvation

  2. Royal blood BREATHES LIFE into the body

  3. Royal blood REMOVES WASTE from all the cells

  4. Royal blood provides nutrients that FIGHT DISEASE

  5. Royal blood helps the body HEAL

Apologetics For Everyone

Apologetics For Everyone (Share the Journey Series - Part Four)
-Lead Pastor Nick Honerkamp

“Apologetics is the defense of the Christian faith.

Apologetics is not evangelism. It is removing an obstacle so that the gospel can be shared.

When sharing your testimony or presenting the gospel - good news - there may be objections brought up. Apologetics removes the objection so that you can continue to share the gospel.

The goal is not to answer everyone’s questions, it is to present the gospel.”

  1. Does God exist?

  2. Why does He allow suffering?

  3. Is truth absolute?

  4. How can you say Jesus/Christianity is the only way?

The Roman Road

The Roman Road (Share the Journey Series - Part Two)

-Lead Pastor Nick Honerkamp

A. All believers are commanded to share our faith.

B. We all have a personal responsibility to share our faith.

C. Most people don’t share their faith because:

  1. Fear of man/being rejected

  2. Lack of knowledge of how to

  3. Lack of awareness of opportunities

D. Today, we will give you a Biblical path to salvation called the Roman Road:

  1. Romans 3:23

  2. Romans 6:23

  3. Romans 5:8

  4. Romans 10:9-10

E. The WORD of God has power.

  1. The Root (PROBLEM)

  2. The Result (DEATH)

  3. The Redemption (SALVATION)

  4. Our Response (REPENTANCE)

Cultivating Your Testimony

Cultivating Your Testimony (Share the Journey - Part 1)

-Lead Pastor Nick Honerkamp

The Christian faith is personal, but it is not private. All believers are commanded to share their faith journey and to make disciples. During this series, we are going to provide the training you might need to feel confident to do so.

I was > I met > I am

Weekly Challenge:

  1. Write your testimony

  2. Share it with one person

  3. Invite one person to church