Disciples in Groups

We Grow Best in Groups

Recorded Sunday 9-16-18 Healthy things grow and people are not any different. Some growth can happen independently, by ourselves. But, God created us for community and the best way to grow is to belong to a group of people that love you, as you, and receive your unique contribution to the world with joy.

-Lead Pastor Nick Honerkamp

Luke 6: 12-19, John 17: 1-13

  1. Jesus discipled in Groups

    The disciples had to give up their business, their catch and worldly success to join this group. (I will make you fishers of men)

  2. The Disciples grew as a Group

    They fought with each other. They consoled each other. They watched each other make mistakes.

    Luke 8:1, Luke 9:1, Luke 10:1 – This is how Jesus modeled ministry.

  3. Our growth outlasts the Group

    Disciples stayed together.

    Disciples took the leadership.

    Disciples increased in their number.