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Join the Journey

October 7th - November 11th

Our Culture - Why we behave the way we believe.

Mission: To be a love-centered community offering the hope of Jesus Christ

Vision: To relentlessly love people and passionately advance the kingdom of God

 Join the Journey as we explore New Covenant Church’s mission, vision, and values. Watch Sermons Online today.
 Growing in Groups at New Covenant Church

Growing in Groups

September 2nd - 23rd

Healthy things grow and people are not any different. Some growth can happen independently, by ourselves. But, God created us for community and the best way to grow is to belong to a group of people that love you, as you, and receive your unique contribution to the world with joy.


Living In His Presence

August 5th - August 26th

Every creature created thrives in a specific environment. For birds it is the air, for fish it is the water, but man was created to thrive in the presence of God.


The Gift of Godly Leadership

July 1st - July 22nd

God established Leadership when He instituted direct and delegated authority. When godly men and women function in godly leadership it glorifies God and is a gift to His people.

"Jesus was the greatest leader of all time because He was the greatest follower of all time."

The holy ghost: God Here and now

May 6th - June 10th

The Holy Spirit is God. He is the third part of the Trinity. He is a person, not an it. He is here with us today and wants you to experience Him and have a relationship with Him. Come meet the Holy Spirit of God.

 The Holy Spirit: Sermon Series at New Covenant Church Clyde/Waynesville North Carolina

 Names of God: Sermon Series at New Covenant Church Clyde

Names of God

April 1st - April 22nd

Exploring the names of Jesus, the names of the Father, the names of the Holy Spirit, and the names God calls us.


March 4th - 25th

A spiritual awakening that revives the Christian, reforms the church, and transforms the community for generations to come.

Based on Acts 2:38-47

 Regenerational: Sermon Series at New Covenant Church Clyde

 Created For Community: Sermon Series at New Covenant Church Clyde

Created FOr Community

The Godhead said, "Let us make man in our image." The Godhead exist in continual fellowship with each other. They made man in their image that we might enjoy community to it's fullest. In this series we will discuss the need for connection, how to build relationship and live in intimate relationship with one another.

Topics: Singleness, Making Friends, Marriage, Living in Community

Life After 40

November 12th - December 3rd

After New Covenant Church's 40th Birthday, we started a sermon series called Life After 40 that explores the idea that "it only gets better on the other side of the hill."