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Altar ministry

This is provided during most services to offer assistance with prayer needs. Volunteers are trained and held to a high standard of privacy. Altar ministers are trained to assist the minister of the service.


This is a program of New Covenant Church dedicated to ministering to the physical needs of our congregation as well as those within our community. It can consist of money, food, gas, shelter, clothing, etc., as the need is assessed and approved by a Staff Pastor at the request of the Chaplains. The resources offered through this program are provided specifically by the congregation. 

Pastor on Call

Pastoral Team members serve as pastor on call on a weekly rotating basis.  The purpose of this ministry is to serve the needs for immediate care of the congregation of New Covenant Church. They serve by making hospital visits which may include being present during surgeries, prayer circle calls, getting meals out where needed, caring for families during funerals, visitation of the home bound and other general pastoral care of our church family. 


Chaplains are trained lay leaders who serve in many areas of the Church and Community. They may be called to travel with the Pastor on Call on hospital visits, make home visits, make phone calls, and may serve as needed for disaster situations and/or members of Rapid Response Teams. They also provide immediate care during office hours, Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Contact Chip Plemmons at or call the church office for more information.

Dorcas ministry

This ministry is a helps ministry that incorporates the gifts and talents of many of our congregation in assisting church family who may have home bound situations or may be limited in caring for themselves. Care packages are taken to families where there has been a death of a family member. The package is filled with paper products and basic necessities that might be helpful during this time of need.