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Chip Plemmons, Pastor, Operations & Facilities


Chip and his wife Michelle have been attending New Covenant Church since 2010. He serves as the pastor on duty during office hours while overseeing the day to day operations of New Covenant Church and it’s Chaplains program. Chip is an evangelist with a fiery passion for spreading the Gospel. This passion is displayed in his preaching style and in his heart for those that are broken and lost by showing them there is hope in salvation through Jesus Christ. Chip is actively involved in NCC’s jail ministry and in both the local and foreign mission fields. Chip and Michelle have 4 adult children and 2 grandchildren.


Pastors Herman and Amy Cherbony, Family Ministries Pastors


Pastors Herman and Amy Cherbony are the newest addition to the NCC Staff.  Herman originates from Los Angeles, CA and Amy is a military kid who was born in NC, spent her childhood years in the Philippines and her teens years in Texas.  Herman received his Bachelor's degree from Vanguard University in CA and Amy received her Bachelor's degree from Central Bible College in MO.  They have worked hand in hand in ministry for over twenty years and believe that the Christian life should be the most amazing and exciting life people experience on the Earth.  Their dream is to see parents raised up to take their place as the primary disciplers of their children and to see children and youth raised up to do the works of Jesus on the earth today.  The Cherbonys are a fun loving family with three wonderful children...Josiah, Elisabeth, and Elijah.