What are Growth Groups?

Growth Groups is the way New Covenant Church does community. They give everyone the opportunity to connect outside of Sunday morning. That’s where life change happens. Whether it’s discussing the Sunday sermon, talking about a life challenge, or simply praying for one another, Growth Groups create a context for Christians to live out their faith in real life! Growth Groups are also a comfortable introduction for nonbelievers to the Christian faith. Finally, Growth Groups are easy and short-term. If you can commit to a couple hours a week over just 6 consecutive weeks then you can see life change for the better!

Interested in Leading a Group?

There are 3 primary ways to join a growth group at new covenant church

1. Personal INvitation

If you know someone who is already part of a Growth Group at NCC, ask them for more information or an invitation to join in.

2. Website Request

You can fill out a Growth Group Request form by clicking the “Join a Group” button below, and a pastor will contact you with more information about getting connected with the right group for you.

3. GroupLink

We host an exciting event called GroupLink each year, so that everyone has a chance to connect with new Growth Groups.